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SCS 25 year anniversaryIn the Summer of 1998, two promising business people – following their intuition – put their livelihoods on the line, and launched SCS. A quarter-century later, and SCS Technology Solutions is going stronger than ever.

To commemorate 25 incredible years – the ups, the downs, and the dramas, we’re looking back on the journey that lead them to this significant milestone.


Born and raised in Newcastle upon Tyne, Jerry (Managing Director of SCS Technology Solutions Ltd) grew up in Byker, made famous of course by Byker Grove and the illustrious Ant and Dec. This birthplace gives him the official ‘True Geordie’ status!

With his dad a Vicar, and Mum working as a school teacher – money was tight, and pocket money minimal. However, this did nothing but fuel Jerry and his younger brother’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

From picking wild berries to digging for coal and bagging it up – selling to their convenient captive market – their father’s congregation and parish – the brothers soon got a taste for business.

An early taste for business

In the subsequent years, Jerry proved unstoppable. In every situation, he saw the untapped potential for business. For example, nearby, a housing estate was in development. With multitudes of builders on site each day, this presented the perfect opportunity for profit-making through the glass bottle deposit scheme that soft drink companies ran at the time. For each returned bottle the companies would refund 5p – a money-making opportunity for Jerry and his brother – who were returning bottles abandoned by the builders.


In 1980, at the age of 16, Jerry was about to lose not only his congregational ‘cash cow’ but life as he knew it. His father had accepted a new role as Industrial Chaplain for the Lincoln Diocese, and the whole family relocated to Lincoln. Shocking news for a teenager with a solid group of friends, and a freshly acquired taste for the pub.

From here came qualifications, all the fun of young adulthood, and Jerry’s first ‘proper’ job . . .  as a Clerical Assistant in Lincoln City Council’s Building Control Department.


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