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SCS – The Journey

In the Summer of 1998, two promising business people – following their intuition – put their livelihoods on the line, and launched SCS. A quarter-century later, and SCS Technology Solutions is going stronger than ever. To commemorate [...]

Cyber Security Predictions For 2020

When it comes to cybersecurity, the variety of attacks and threat vectors seem to shapeshift on an almost weekly basis. The good news is that as cybercriminals become more sophisticated, cybersecurity experts are also evolving, growing and [...]

Technology Trends For 2020

Technology is progressing quicker than you can say ‘Hey Siri’. And, as we hurtle into a new decade, we’re likely to experience considerable developments in quantum computing, space travel (yes, space travel), and a significant [...]

SCS ABLAZE: Throwback Thursday

When fire-engine sirens blare into the cold air of a bitter winter evening, you never imagine it could be your property in flames. But 17 years ago in December 2002, it was SCS on the receiving end of a mindless arson attack. At around 10pm our [...]

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